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 Post subject: Cascade King
AgePosted: 2011-Dec-11 10:01 pm 

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Ok, hi. So, my name is Silencer and, uhm, it's been a while since I wrote a new post, so I decided that because of recent events, I could make a neeeew thread. And yeah, let's just start off by getting a couple things straight... uhhhh I don't run any tutors. Mmm-mmm. I know that you all people like running tutors, but i don't actually :) And I actually don't have any broken cards eighter, which is funny to me :)) Ummm yeah. And I will provide you with another multiplayer Reaper King deck.

Reaper King- 5 colors and just 3 scarecrows+ Conspiracy. It's enough.

Lands: 37
5 alara truals
5 lorwyn vivids
Exotic Orchard
Mirrodin's Core
Temple of the False God
Gemstone Caverns- how not to love this card?
Command Tower
Rupture Spire
3 plains
4 islands
4 swapms
3 mountains
4 forests
Thawing Glaciers
Oboro, Palace in the Clouds- good with the main enchantments
Reliquary Tower- see above

These cards are cheap and I don't usually have any color screw. Many basic lands, but with such a mana acceleration, it's the minimum number.

The deck:
Bloom Tender
Kodama's Reach
Search for Tomorrow
Dawn's Reflection
Dreamstone Hedron- also CA in mid/late game
Thran Dynamo
Solemn Simulacrum
Darksteel Ingot
Coalition Relic
Fellwar Stone
Sol Ring

A little much, but this deck operates on expensive, cool spells and has some decent drawing cards :P

With what I kill:
As it's a spell-casting based deck, I run those finishers:
Taurean Mauler- not that special, but it sometimes grows very big and destroys permaments.
Charmbreaker Devils- sometimes over 40 power + great recursion.
Forgotten Ancient
Manaplasm- often the biggest creature
Quirion Dryad- new addition
Witch-Maw Nephilim- this deck is just designed for him.
Wee Dragonauts- a creature with some evasion, can be replaced with Kiln Fiend.
Leering Emblem
Sphinx-Bone Wand- an awesome card that probably plays only in my deck. It enables many turn 9 kills.

The core:
Null Profusion
Recycle- despite their drawback, they are the best CA enchantments in commander. I can often deck myslef by turn 12 and sooner, so I must run some graveyard shufflers. They also let me cast lots of spells for alpha strikes with finishers and they are great with mana acceleration and cascade cards.
Cast Through Time
Eye of the Storm- Something really absurd. Casts tens of sorceries and instants. I don't run anything that ruins my gameplan when cast by an opponent, but after I resolve this, the game is usually over. Remember Shpinx-Bone Wand?
Maelstrom Nexus- the coolest card in mtg
Djinn of Wishes
Mind's Desire- what is the best about this deck, I don't have to make a "combo" finishing the game in one turn, but it casts many spells all the time. So Mind's Desire isn't just an alpha strike thing, but it also works great almost anytime. Of course, with Eye of the Storm it casts my whole deck, but that's something different...
Spellweaver Volute- fun
Maelstrom Archangel- "casting spells" tells everything ;)
Brilliant Ultimatum- alongside the cascade cards, another "random" thing which is awesome. Also very powerfull with the 4 main enchantments.
Spellshift- with Eye of the Storm onbaord, it cast my every instant and sorcery in library.
Sins of the Past

Mystic Remora- good in every time of the game and works well with my theme of casting spells. Especially with the Eye of the Storm.
Rhystic Study- see above

Cascade spells:
Almost all cascade spells fit in here. Only 3 of them didin't make it in my deck, because they didin't do anything or were too expensive for their impact on the game.
Enigma Sphinx- my favourite one as it works great with Null Profusion.
Captured Sunlight- seems mediocre, but it's cheap enough to lurk for acceleration in the early game and gives sometimes a lot of life as the game proceedes.
Stormcaller's Boon- my new addition. I like it, because some of my finishers just can't get through chump blockers.
Bloodbraid Elf- chumblocker itself
Violent Outburst- this card's main advantage is that it is an instant
Bituminous Blast- Something really awesome epsecially with Eye of the Storm, when it kills half of the board and cast many more spells with copied cascades.
Deny Reality- see above
Demonic Dread

Other spells:
Jhoira of the Ghitu- when I have to discard cards down to my hand size of two, she just exiles them for the cheap cost anyway. Also useful in the beginning, when I know I won't cast everything in 4 turns with just my lands.
Time Spiral- nice card and the shuffle effect is crucial
Elixir of Immortality
Ancestral Vision- the best with Maelstrom Nexus and some cheap spells
Phyrexian Arena
Syphon Mind
Prophetic Bolt- remember that with my main enchantments it does much more than one would think

Open the Vaults- an answer for mass removal, as I have lots of artifacts and echantments
Consuming Vapors
Slave of Bolas- sometimes makes my game just by giving the finishers haste :P

Sakashima the Impostor- copies Reaper King
Conspiracy- serious business
Venser, the Sojourner- new addition. Unblockable sounds nice and its ultimate is awesome. Also the first ability sometimes should work like Vindicate with Reaper King. Or just reset Reliquary Tower after casting Null Profusion and many more.

Blasphemous Act
Chain Reaction- the main finishers don't suffer from them anyway

As you can see, I run many cards I just really like. That's how I built this deck and even though it's very cheap and made mainly out of crap, it works just unbelievably well, winning >50% games. It is a little comboish, but not a solitaire at all. Something like Temporal Fissure, Tendrils of Agony or Rite of Replication would be just ridiculous, so don't ask me why I don't run those cards.
Well, this is actually a final version of the deck. You can't change very much with the current cardpool so that it would be better/ have more synergy. I tried many cards, but these are just the best altoghether as one team making a nice theme. In future, I will surely add the new maelstrom legend with double cascade, but now, I could only imagine replacing lands with the more expensive ones.
Its not the top tier deck, but the top tier decks suck anyway. All look the same and are rather highlander 15-tutor-combos rare.decs not fun to play with.
You can check how it works on my youtube channel, but I spoke Polish there, so you'd just skip most of the action. And you wouldn't see all it's options, because I've cast only 1 game so far, but whatever. http://www.youtube.com/user/SzatanskiPo ... ature=mhee

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 Post subject: Re: Cascade King
AgePosted: 2011-Dec-11 10:30 pm 
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I love Eye of the Storm, but I've never considered pairing it with the Sphinx Bone Wand. Very interesting indeed. I've made abusive use of the eye in 60-card decks with draw spells, Mindmoil and Niv-Mizzet.

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 Post subject: Re: Cascade King
AgePosted: 2012-Jan-09 10:00 am 

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whats about conspiracy+Xenograft+King+ Skittering Invasion.

it say: Kill 5 target Perms and put 5 Eldrazi-Tokens onto the BF :o

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